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Linda Rous, Doll Artist

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Doll Artist

> As a child, much time was spent with my (part) Onandaga Haudenosaune (Iroquois) grandmother who told of corn husk dolls with no faces. "My People" dolls came out of the Imagination Room of my mind in 2007 born of a desire to create historical record of a culture without written history. The My People nation expanded into 7 tribes, is being collected internationally by Native Peoples and those interested in Native culture/history; bridging a gap between cultures.
> I have no tribal status - I am not on tribal roles, nor do I make that claim. All records were discarded when grandmother began school and was instructed not to tell anyone of her  heritage.
> No Face: What is in your heart is more important than how you look.

> A part of my characters represent historical figures from folklore and others document the colors and patterns of historical clothing and regalia.

> My People dolls have been produced by hand since conception in 2007.  They are part of the permanent collection at Standing  Bear Indian Museum in Ponca City OK.
> My People dolls bring North American Native peoples together as one nation with many hours of research for each doll. They are carved from wood with small knives - tradition says this gives each doll their individual spirit.

> NOTE: My People no-face dolls are a one man effort; I have no helpers or assistants. I do the carving, painting, bead and make accessories. Each item listed is a one of a kind created from beginning to end by me.

LOVE my work!

Hello; A-Ho!

My People no face dolls copyrighted 2007 by Linda Rous.

All rights reserved. 

Member UFDC (United Federation of Doll Clubs)

Member BAA (Bartlesville Art Association)

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