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Making a Souvenir Doll

Page in Progress

In November of 2023, I submitted plans, that were accepted, to make the "Luncheon Doll" for the 2026 thirtieth anniversary of The Tallgrass Prairie Doll Club of Oklahoma (in Bartlesville), just one branch of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.

The order is for 100 luncheon souvenir dolls, 15 dolls to incorporate into center pieces and a minimum of 50 companion pieces.

I will be posting images of the massive work in progress so, check back to watch it all come together - step by step.  This will be fun.

Getting Started

The process begins here


The Wood

I use balsa that comes from South America. I opt for hand picked pieces.

Doll 505 a.jpg


All luncheon and companion dolls will be 2x2x6" tall. Exception will be cradleboards that will vary in size. Example: White Buffalo Calf Woman.

a tools.JPG

My Tools

Tools are simple but razor sharp in order to cut the soft wood. If not sharp enough, the knives "push" the wood. No power tools.

Me Dolls 02.jpg


Work began January 2024. Deadline is June 2026. I carve in front of a movie, in the car when hubby is driving; anytime I get a chance.


First Step

Made a list of the number of luncheon dolls, center piece dolls and companion dolls along with a variety of characters.



To date: I have carved 43 luncheon dolls, 17 companion dolls and 3 for centerpieces.  No two will be alike.


The work is ongoing

Doll 430 a.jpg

Souvenir Doll

These little darlings will be Indian maidens as folklore characters with others in historical clothing.  Image: Warrior Woman

Group 014.jpg


This year, 2024, I plan to get all the carving done for the 100 luncheon souvenirs, 15 center pieces and 50 companion pieces.

Doll 301 a.jpg

Center Pieces

These will be 1x1x6" tall in historical clothing of various tribes to be incorporated into table center pieces that will be auctioned off at the luncheon.

z6 access.JPG


Next year, 2025, the plan  is to paint and adorn all pieces to be completed by year end; accurately detailed according to museum and auction records.

Doll 215-06 a Cheyenne.jpg

Companion Pieces

These will be warriors, hunters, characters from folklore and cradleboards (with papoose) in historical clothing of various tribes.


I will have only 6 months to order boxes for luncheon dolls with packing materials and stickers. They will need to be packed for presentation.  Center piece dolls will be delivered in time for club members to create the center piece displays. Inventory will need to be gathered for the sale table along with companion pieces.

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